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Originally from Taiwan, in order to meet the needs of mainland customers, in April 1999, we set up an assembly plant in Dongguan, the Pearl River Delta (PRD), and some of our products have been sold to the PRD market.

The company adheres to the "excellence, quality first" purpose, is committed to intelligent automation equipment research and development, innovation, intelligent manufacturing and whole plant planning, to provide intelligent factory solutions.



The feeding system is equipped with cut-off valve to ensure that there is no residual material in the material pipe.

The internal return air filter ensures that the honeycomb rotor is not contaminated by raw material dust.

Intelligent time reservation heating is equipped with one week timer function to achieve the whole machine running automation.

This machine combines dehumidification, drying, two feeding three functions in one, and can choose three feeding function.

Equipped with microcomputer control, can accurately control the regeneration temperature, the actual temperature difference can be controlled within 0.1 degrees, to ensure the stability of the dew point.

Central filter

Central filter

Optional Siemens high-pressure fan.

Equipped with European plug, safe and reliable to use.

Optional European safety circuit with "CE" after the model.

Air filter and cyclone dust collector integrated design, built-in large cartridge filter, effective dust collection.

The machine is equipped with a high-pressure air accumulator, after reaching the cumulative number of feeding times, high-pressure air is used to blow the filter automatically in the reverse direction to remove the dust adhered to the filter.



Stainless steel insulated water tank, durable, easy to clean and maintain.

Adopt high efficiency shell and tube evaporator and seamless spiral copper tube with long service life to ensure good water quality.

A full range of compressor volume ratios can be selected, effectively avoiding extra energy consumption caused by excessive or insufficient.

Jade condenser for stepless cooling capacity adjustment can achieve continuous adjustment of cooling capacity in the zone can achieve accurate control of chilled water temperature.

Perfect safety protection devices include high and low voltage protection switch, overload protection switch, time-delay protection, over-temperature protection, reverse-phase under-phase protection and anti-icing protection.



With recipe storage function, can store up to 100 groups of recipes.

Modular and detachable structure design, saving space and easy to clear material.

Stainless steel is used in the contact part with raw materials to avoid contamination of raw materials and easy to clean.

PLC controller adopts advanced control algorithm, automatic adjustment compensation and vibration prevention function to ensure good dosing precision.

The system has statistics and quantitative mixing function, which can count the amount of each kind of material in each class, optimise the consumption of raw materials and reduce the waste.



The size can be customised according to customer's special requirements.

Adopt universal casters with brake casters for easy fixing and moving.

PVC conveyor belt can effectively protect the product without damaging the product appearance.

It can be connected with external signals and robots to achieve automation or work independently.

The speed can be adjusted freely 0~6M/Min, easy to operate and use.



Overload protection device

25~30RPM low speed crushing power saving and no noise

Reasonable machine structure and small volume does not occupy space at the bottom of the casters are equipped with easy to move.

Adopt rotary and pineapple knife design without screen, crushed particles uniform dust content is very small.

Removable cleaning design: hopper crushing knife filter can be removed to clean the material quickly and conveniently.

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